We love receiving updates of our rescue animals in their new homes, seeing how they are settling in and the bond they are forming with their new parents and furry friends. Below are just a selection of stories from some of the wonderful furever homes our rescue animals have found!


Hudson (White) & New Friend Pepper3

Hudson (White) & New Friend Pepper
From the day Hudson came home with my partner and I we knew his forever home was with us. Such a gentle bunny with a lovely character. He was very shy when we first got him but with some great patience and love he came around to trust us. Hudson and Pepper now come when called (mainly in the hope for treats), he such a cheeky and naughty bunny but wouldn’t want to change him for the world. Thank you Little PAWS for giving us the opportunity to have a wonderful addition to our family, and a lovely Husbun for our little girl Pepper.
– Seda Aygun, proud parent of Hudson.

Jasper (&Coco) success stories

Jasper (Black) & New Friend Coco
Jasper being a quiet bunny fits into our family perfectly and I couldn’t ask for a better buddy for Coco. I can’t eat dinner without two little noses at the plate trying to steal a bite, so dinner time now means always bringing a bun friendly snack along too, and TV time is noticing an extra button missing from the remote. Jasper is just starting to feel more at home now to show his cheeky and naughty side and while like all kids can drive you nuts at times, he always has a way of making me laugh with the little things he does especially on those bad days.
– Lynette Brady, proud parent of Jasper.

Monty success stories

The day Monty hopped into our home felt as though our elderly furry family was complete. His relaxed, peaceful nature fit in perfectly with his two new 13 year old feline siblings, 9 year old doggy sister and hundreds of kitty fosters that come and go. From the moment he met the family dog Laela it was as if they had been separated at birth. Same size, same colour, same age. They are both so intrigued by each other, consistently following each other and playing together. Monty has nurtured many foster kittens that have come and gone since he blessed our lives. It feels unrealistic to think back to a time without our little ball of fur. The moment I wake up/get home from work all he wants is to be in my arms. He sleeps in my arms any chance he gets.

For a long time I had wanted a bunny but I didn’t just want the youngest cutest fluffiest bunny, I wanted the oldest, problematic, least adoptable bunny. I could not have ever wished for a more PERFECT bunny to ever enter my life, I constantly refer to him as my child as where ever I am so is he.

There is something extra special with rescue animals. Not only do humans save their lives but the animals save the humans life. The love and joy they bring to you is beyond explainable. All they want is love and to give you some too.
– Candy Campbell, proud parent of Monty.

Amelia Pond (Formerly Molly) & New Friend Ron Swanson success stories

Amelia Pond (White) & New Friend Ron Swanson
We first approached Little PAWS when we were considering finding a friend for our rabbit, Ron Swanson. We knew that when choosing a rabbit to join our home there would be a bit of a process, and the Little PAWS team were there to explain each step and let us know how to achieve a successful bond. After trying Ron Swanson with a few rabbits, we found one that he obviously loved and was loved in return.

Little PAWS guided us through the bonding process, and were on hand to answer any questions or concerns we had. After the two week trial period, we were very happy with the bond and formalised the adoption with Little PAWS.

Throughout the adoption process we found the Little PAWS team to be available, friendly and approachable – no ask was too much, from lending us additional equipment, to providing rabbit health advice, and referring us to specialists as needed. The bond between our two rabbits was so strong and such a joy to have in the house – watching them groom each other, play with each other, and snuggle together, brought so much love and light into our house. We still keep in regular contact with Little PAWS, and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering adopting a rabbit, rat or guinea pig.
– Bryony Calendar, proud parent of Amelia Pond

Sebastian1 success stories

We adopted Sebastian almost a year ago, after we saw his adorably goofy face on the LittlePAWS Instagram account and fell in love! They arranged for us to have a “bun date” with our girl bunny and Sebastian in hope they would get along.. and they did enough for us to take him on trial.

The Little PAWS team were so helpful and informative with everything regarding bonding and the adoption process, and lent us a playpen and anything else we needed to make sure he felt at home. Within that first month he fit in so well, and made himself him king of the house and we knew there was no way they were getting him back.
Everyday we are thankful for that little goofball in our lives, he’s always up to something silly or funny and brings us SO much joy & happiness! We couldn’t love him anymore more if we tried, he’s family now!

Adopting an older/adult bunny has been just as rewarding as adopting a young/baby bunny and would recommend to anyone looking to adopt, to consider giving the older buns a chance! Sebastian is still so full of life and energy and came perfectly toilet trained which is such a bonus haha!

Thanks so much Little PAWS for looking after such an amazing bunny until we found him, our lives are better because of it!
– Shannan and Josh, proud parents of Sebastian

Lucy & Elvi success stories

Lucy & Elvi
I had been wanting to give a bunny a home for a while but since I had never had one before, I did loads of homework – food, bedding, safe environment, behaviour etc. I already have three cats so I wanted to make sure that everyone would still be happy with a new bun addition to our family. And then I saw Lucy on Little PAWS Instagram account and it was love at first sight. Plus Lucy was used to cats!
The cats wanted to be instant friends but were a little nervous of Lucy’s grunts so she quickly became Queen of the house. Lucy didn’t have the happiest start in life she was a bit grumpy at first but after lots of patience, time and attention she has grown to trust me. Because the cats give her space I was worried she was lonely, so that’s when Elvi joined our family (he happens to be Lucy’s son). After just three weeks they bonded and have been inseparable ever since.
They are both free house roaming bunnies and have supervised playtime in the back garden when I’m home. They have their own bedroom where they know their food, water and litter trays are. To allow them to have full access to the house I have tidy corded all power leads in each room. Any garden plants dangerous to bunnies have been removed. They love chewing so if you don’t want walls and furniture to be ‘taste tested’ then it’s best to cover those. They love to explore so having lots of boxes, tunnels and toys to play with helps them have fun. Bunny friendly plants and flowers in the garden are really popular with them too and a sandpit for digging.
Rabbits are such beautiful animals to give a loving home too. They require time and effort but the reward is worth it.
– Jade Jones, proud parent of Lucy and Elvi

Willow & Leia (Formerly Ella & Abbey) success storiesWillow & Leia
When we met Willow, it was love at first binky for us. Straight away we wanted adopt her, but upon Chris and Renae’s advice, we waited out the two week trial to make sure she was a good fit for us, and we were we good fit for her. She’s extremely cheeky and mischievous, and as we are at work all day we soon decided that Willow may be a little lonely and should find her a husbun – but she thought otherwise – and after a couple of meets into our home came her sister Leia. After a long and determined few months bonding Leia and Willow, we are now have two adorable snuggling sister buns in our family that are completely inseparable. Leia is Willow’s little shadow and it’s so cute to observe how they do similar things. Now over a year with the girls, their binkies still fascinate us and bring us so much joy to watch them sniff out a new toy, fall asleep with their heads together, throw around their rattles with us and snatch each other’s breakfast back and forth! Our home would definitely feel incomplete without them!
– Fiona and Cohen, proud parents of Willow and Leia (formerly Ella and Abby)

Cleo (& Merlin) success stories
Cleo & New Friend Merlin

Cleo has fit into our little fur family perfectly, and we can’t even imagine what it was like without her! We went looking for a friend for Merlin, our other bun, and as soon as he met Cleo at the Little PAWS house, we knew they were perfect for each other. They spend their days snuggling, stealing each other’s food, and doing binkies together. We recently got married, and of course both Cleo and Merlin had a part in our big day! We couldn’t have asked for friendlier, cheekier, more snuggly bun as our little Cleo.
– Emily Wigham, proud parent of Cleo