Available, friendly and approachable

We first approached PAWS when we were considering finding a friend for our rabbit, Ron Swanson. We knew that when choosing a rabbit to join our home there would be a bit of a process, and the PAWS team were there to explain each step and let us know how to achieve a successful bond. After trying Ron Swanson with a few rabbits, we found one that he obviously loved and was loved in return. PAWS guided us through the bonding process and were on hand to answer any questions or concerns we had. After the two week trial period, we were very happy with the bond and formalised the adoption with Little PAWS. Throughout the adoption process, we found the PAWS team to be available, friendly and approachable – no ask was too much, from lending us additional equipment, to providing rabbit health advice, and referring us to specialists as needed. The bond between our two rabbits was so strong and such a joy to have in the house – watching them groom each other, play with each other, and snuggle together, brought so much love and light into our house. We still keep in regular contact with Little PAWS, and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering adopting a rabbit, rat or guinea pig.

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"Best in the business"

I've been involved in animal rescue for nine years and have to say, if I were to hold up a rescue group as being the best in the business, it would be Little PAWS. Their processes, commitment to the welfare of the animals in their care, as well as professionalism and devotion to making sure all their animals go to the best home possible, is second to none. The way they manage every aspect of their rescue is at the highest level and I'm proud to say I support them.

Kate Miller
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"One of the best rescues I have had the privilege of working with as a veterinarian"

Little PAWS Rescue is one of the best rescues I have had the privilege of working with as a veterinarian. As a house rabbit owner myself, I am always impressed by the level of care their animals receive, and Little PAWS consistently places not just animal welfare, but animal happiness, as their top priority. They do a fantastic job on their rescues, and every animal that leaves their care is not only healthy and happy, but also well matched to their forever home. Many of their adopted animals come back to us for veterinary care, and their new owners are delighted with their family members and report that they continue to receive great support from the PAWS team. Little PAWS Rescue is a shining example of why it benefits both the pet and owner to adopt, not shop.

Dr. Nicole Su
The Unusual Pet Vets