We are currently not taking any new boarding bookings.
Please contact us if you would like our recommended alternative boarding facilities in Perth.

Little PAWS Rescue offers boarding for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs all year round, with all boarding fees going directly to the welfare of our rescue animals. So whilst your furry friend is having a holiday with us you’re also donating to welfare animals at the same time! Your fee will go towards covering costs such as veterinary bills, food and enrichment for our rescue animals.

Rabbits receive a minimum enclosure size of an 8 – 10 panel playpen. All animals are kept inside in an air conditioned environment with bedding, bunny castles and enrichment items provided. A complimentary nail clipping is offered to every client. All food is inclusive however any special dietary needs may need to be supplied. If your animal requires medications please let us know, medication administration is provided free of charge up to 8 doses per day.

The PAWS house is located in Bibra Lake, within minutes of The Unusual Pets Vets and Murdoch Vet Emergency Hospital.

***Due to the release of RHDV2 (calicivirus2) all boarding rabbits MUST have proof of vaccination being administered no later than 2 weeks prior to entering the facility. Please contact us directly if you would like more information.


Boarding Fees


$10 per day for a single Rabbit
$17 per day for a bonded pair

Guinea Pigs
$7 per Guinea Pig per day
$12 per day for a bonded pair

Rats & Mice
Please contact us directly

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