Little PAWS Rescue was founded by Christian Martin and Renae Powell in December 2012 with the overall aim to rescue unwanted, lost or abandoned animals, provide them with shelter and veterinary care until they are rehomed. Currently, our focus is on small animals; Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats and Mice, with the aim to eventually expand our rescue to Cats and Dogs.

Christian is currently an Undergraduate studying a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery at Murdoch University, and Renae has experience working within animal shelters and clinics. Both are highly passionate about animal welfare.

Little PAWS Rescue aims for a ‘no kill’ policy, however in some extreme circumstances the company accepts that this cannot always be achievable as in cases of terminal illness, severe chronic pain or extreme aggressiveness.

To assist with funding the needs of the welfare animals under our companies care we also offer boarding services for beloved pets.

The company believes strongly that every animal, no matter the size, shape, age, breed, medical or behaviour problem, should, and will be given a fair chance at a new life in a forever home.


Our Team

Christian Martin
Managing Director

Chris is Little PAWS Rescue’s Managing Director and is the brains and driving force behind the rescue. He and Renae set up the company in 2012, and is always thinking of new ways he can continue to make Little PAWS grow.

He is responsible for designing and producing a large portion of the homemade products that are sold through the PAWS shop, and also provides the majority of care to the animals.

Currently studying a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, he will be graduating at the end of 2017, and hopes to be able to provide a greater range of assistance to the animals at Little PAWS.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys being creative and making his ideas come to life, and doesn’t mind a bit of Fallout 4 and Starcraft 2!

Renae Powell

Renae is the Director of Little PAWS Rescue and co-founder of the company. She is the “all-rounder” of the rescue, and is involved in pretty much every aspect of the rescue’s operations, from marketing, administration and fundraising, through to ensuring each animal is healthy and happy whilst at the rescue.

Renae has many years experience in the animal welfare industry, and when she’s not busy looking after all the furry critters at Little PAWS, she works full time in the veterinary products wholesale industry.

Renae and Chris adopted Bonnie, the Little PAWS mascot, back in January 2014 after falling in love with her distinct personality. It’s this personality that landed her the title of Queen B. Bonnie is one very spoilt bunny (as she should be!) and is usually the first bunny to greet people when they visit the PAWS house.

Outside of Little PAWS, Renae enjoys all things travel, photography, music and animals, and just recently found a new love when she started learning aerial silks and Lyra.


Emma Taylor
Associate Director/Secretary

Emma discovered Little PAWS in 2014 while searching for a friend for her little Harley bun. PAWS was perfect as they offered play dates where Harley could choose his perfect friend. He fell in love with a beautiful bunny called Lily and after a dedicated bonding process and lots of advice from Chris and Renae they became soul mates. Emma enjoyed the experience so much that she began volunteering for PAWS by fostering, helping with product making and of course giving all of the bunnies unlimited head pats and cuddles. Since then she has joined our team of board members and an Associate Director and as the rescues Secretary.



Rachel Pages-Oliver
Associate Director/Fundraising Co-ordinator

Rachel first became a volunteer at Little Paws Rescue in 2014 as a foster mum when there were some animals urgently needing a place at the Paws house. Since then she has become an associate director and fundraising coordinator but she is always willing to help out with any work that needs doing; from cleaning to product making and of course cuddling the rescue animals. She has always been an animal lover but bunnies hold a special place in her heart and she currently has 2 spoilt house bunnies named Oscar and Maggie.

Rachel’s other passion is her work teaching architecture at university and designing as a residential architect. Her favourite part about volunteering with Little PAWS Rescue is seeing the adopted bunnies who had such a tough start to life finally find their forever homes.


Stacey McWaters
PR/Marketing Co-ordinator

Stacey is the newest addition to our team of Board members as the PR/Marketing Coordinator. After getting her own two furbabies, Hunny and Bunny Smalls, she contacted Little Paws wanting to join the team. She started in 2015 as a volunteer, visiting the paws house weekly to help with the cleaning and product making. By early 2016 she had secured her spot as a board member with her first task being the revamp of our business cards, followed by building our Little Paws Rescue website. Stacey still loves getting hands on with the cleaning and product making, as well as getting in as many cuddles with the buns and piggies as she can.

Between volunteering at Little PAWS, doting on her own bunnies, and a full time job, Stacey really enjoys dancing and aerial circus. She started dancing as a child and loves the thrill of performing.